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Nicole.Zoltack.Cinder.And.Madness.eBookPPHi, everyone! So glad you stumbled upon my site. I’m Nicole Zoltack, a USA Today bestselling author. I write romances that transcend classes, species, and time. PNR, UF, fantasy, time travel, historical… I may even have a contemporary up my sleeve at one point!

I’ve been writing since late 2008. My first novel
came out in 2009 (Woman of Honor)
and I haven’t looked back since!


The Magic Incarnate series is done, although I have ideas for some short stories to add to it and maybe even a cookbook too! This is the saga of Crystal, a devout teen who learns she is magic.

Currently, I’m writing and releasing in two series. First up, is the Once Upon a Darkened Night series of twisted fairy tales. The villains are now the heroes!

The other series is my first venture into UF. Bedlam in Bethlehem f...

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