N. M. Zoltack

Meet N. M. Zoltack!

N. M. Zoltack loves epic fantasy more than life. Game of Thrones is amazing, and George RR Martin really needs to finish the last books. More than willing to talk theories and it’s up for debate which is better—the books or the show.

Author of the In the Eye of the Dragon epic fantasy series, perfect for fans of Game of Thrones!


Tenoch knew peace long ago when the dragons three ruled over the evil, susceptible peoples. Now, however, the dragons are long since dead, and humans rule.

For better or worse.

The king is a broken sloth. The crowned princess doesn’t want the throne. The prince is intellectually delayed. The younger princess is vain and spoiled.

The queen committing adultery sets off a chain of reactions that will leave the world in a time of turmoil. Will peace ever return to the land?

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