Nicole.Zoltack.Cinder.And.Madness.eBookPPHi, everyone! So glad you stumbled upon my site. I’m Nicole Zoltack, a USA Today bestselling author. I write romances that transcend classes, species, and time. PNR, UF, fantasy, time travel, historical… I may even have a contemporary up my sleeve at one point!

I’ve been writing since late 2008. My first novel
came out in 2009 (Woman of Honor)
and I haven’t looked back since!


The Magic Incarnate series is done, although I have ideas for some short stories to add to it and maybe even a cookbook too! This is the saga of Crystal, a devout teen who learns she is magic.

Currently, I’m writing and releasing in two series. First up, is the Once Upon a Darkened Night series of twisted fairy tales. The villains are now the heroes!

The other series is my first venture into UF. Bedlam in Bethlehem follows Detective Clarissa Tempest as she discovers that vamps are the worst kind of goons of all.

Finally, if you haven’t read any of my stories, check out Black Hellebore! It’s available for free!



The Hunt: Find The Phrase

Have You Been Hunting?

Hi, I am the 5th Hunting Ground.


12 Amazing Authors. 63 Fantastic Prizes. 12 Chances to Win.

Are you missing words? Don’t worry. Here are the Hunting Grounds. Go back and jot them down.

Miranda Hardy

Amanda J Evans

C.A. King

Lori Saltis

A.M Martin

A.C. Greenlee

Vincent Phan Tran

Nicole Zoltack

Fiona Skye

Heidi Angell

Cristina Hodgson

Last Hunting Ground

Like to know what’s in the Grand Prize?

  • $20.00 Amazon Gift Card from Author A.C Greenlee
  • 1 Paperback copy of Avery (wolf rage book one) from Author  A.M Martin
  • 1 Paperback copy of Finding the Fountain of Youth from Author C.A King
  • 1 Paperback copy of Angel’s Dance from Author Hedi Angell
  • Your pick of One of Nicole Zoltack’s E-books from Author Nicole Zoltack
  • 1 E-Book copy of Finding Forever from Author Amanda J Evans
  • 1 E-book copy of Save Her Soul from Author Amanda J Evans
  • 1 Bookmark of Avery from A.M Martin
  • 1 Book quote pin from Author A.M Martin
  • 1 Book quote magnet from A.M Martin
  • 1 Tote Bag from A.M Martin
  • 1 Avery Notebook from A.M Martin



Don’t forget to jot that down behind your other words. Your next Hunting Ground is…

Fiona Skye

Good Hunting!

Even superheroes, witches, and barbarians deserve love!