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Hello world!

Hi, everyone! So glad you stumbled upon my site. I’m Nicole Zoltack. I write romances that transcend classes, species, and time – so basically fantasy, paranormal, Regency, and time travel. I may even have a contemporary up my sleeve at one point!

Even superheroes, witches, and barbarians deserve love!

I’ve been writing since late 2008. My first novel came out in 2009 (WOMAN OF HONOR) and I haven’t looked back since! Book 5 in the Magic Incarnate series, A Measure of Gloom just released! Book 6, A Glimmer of Hope, the last novel in the series, comes out on February 21st!

My other newest release is Starry Love. And if you haven’t read any of my stories, check out Black Hellebore! It’s available for free!

My biggest fear is that I’ll die before I can write all of the stories inside of me.

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