Scarlet Magi

Scarlet Magi


Maybe it’s time for Falledge to have a superheroine.

Enter Justina Paige. She’s back from the dead, courtesy of the same witch who saved Nicholas, and now, Justina has to master her new magical abilities. Oh, and move on from Nicholas. Her boyfriend has found love with her twin of all people.

A string of gruesome villains heralds a new supervillain, and Gavina left behind an enemy who wants Justina dead. Her new life is off to a fantastic start.

At least Justina has help in the form of a hot newspaper writer and a witch that Justina and Gavina are both attracted to. Considering she very well might die, Justina shouldn’t get close to either man. She’s never been one to be sensible, though.

Two men. Two supervillains. Two chances at life. Justina has to start making better choices because she won’t come back a third time.