Black Hellebore

Black Hellebore


Falling in love might prove more dangerous than any supervillain.

All Nicholas Adams wants is to pay respects to his dead girlfriend and leave Falledge. A heroic attempt ends with a laboratory explosion and Nicholas’ death. Thankfully, a witch—yes, witches are real even if this one is a little inept—brings him back to life, but he’s a, well, a superhero now.

Deputy Julianna Paige has her life sorted out, or so she thinks. Seeing Nicholas, the boyfriend of her deceased twin, brings back all kinds of memories. As they work through their grief and attempt to solve a series of murders, sparks fly.

But Nicholas isn’t the only one changed in the explosion, and a supervillain is bent on destroying Falledge and killing the Black Hellebore, Nicholas’ superhero persona.

Will Nicholas survive long enough for love to bloom?