Stones of Amaria

Stones of Amaria is a collaboration between Julie Trettel, Tara Brown, Nicole KelleyJen L. GreyLindsey R. Loucks, and myself. We’ve created the world of Amaria, which has six kingdoms, one for each of us. The same evil threatens each kingdom in this wonderfully connected epic fantasy saga! Each week for 24 weeks, we will release a story. In total, each author will have four novellas/novels for you to enjoy.


Age of Dragons Final

Week 1 – Age of Dragons by Nicole Zoltack


Week 2 – Legends of Sorcery by Julie Trettel


Week 3 – Sword of Mist by Tara Brown


Week 4 – Court of Secrets by Nicole Kelley


Week 5 – Kingdom of Storms by Jen L. Grey


Week 6 – Necromancer Academy by Lindsey R. Loucks

Decline of Dragons Final

Week 7 – Decline of Dragons by Nicole Zoltack


Week 8 – Ruins of Magic by Julie Trettel


Week 9 – Sword of Storms by Tara Brown


Week 10 – Court of Deceit by Nicole Kelley


Week 11 – Kingdom of Shadows by Jen L. Grey


Week 12 – Necromancer Unleashed by Lindsey R. Loucks

Fall of Dragons Final

Week 13 – Fall of Dragons by Nicole Zoltack

Week 14 – Julie Trettel


Week 15 – Sword of Kings by Tara Brown

Week 16 – Nicole Kelley

Week 17 – Jen L. Grey


Week 18 – Necromancer Revealed by Lindsey R. Loucks

Flight of Dragons final

Week 19 – Flight of Dragons by Nicole Zoltack

Week 20 – Julie Trettel


Week 21 – Sword of Stone by Tara Brown

Week 22 – Nicole Kelley

Week 23 – Jen L. Grey

Week 24 – Lindsey R. Loucks